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     ISI (Indian Standards Institute) is the former name of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). It's established its brand image for more than six decades. BIS (ISI) is the most popular recognized certification mark in India. i.e., If there's ISI mark on the product, you're choosing the quality product according to the Bureau of Indian Standards. It's mandatory for certifying products to be sold in Indian subcontinent like electrical appliances, kitchen appliances..etc. The mark certifies that a product confirms to the Indian Standard, mentoined as IS:XXXX on top of the mark, developed by BIS, the National Standards Institute.
ISI Mark - Synonym for Quality, Safety and Reliability

How to Confirm Original ISI Mark?

With the growing demand of ISI marked products, the instance of misuse of ISI Mark is also on the rise as the unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to cheat the consumers by marking products with ISI Mark without obtaining the valid licence from BIS. The Genuine ISI mark is look like this:

Here's the award winning short film "THE INTROVERT" by Abhinav Maharia, starring Sonali Sharma in the lead role. The film is about an introvert person, who is very silent and shy. The director shot meaningful film in just 6 minutes with some excellent quotes. Let's watchout!
Description in the Youtube: A story on the misconception about Introverts and the dilemma an Introvert faces in this not so Introvert friendly world.Captures the dichotomy of an introvert with a strong undertone of respect towards introverts.

Copyrights © Aditya Music, Lyrics by Ramajogayya Shastry garu and Composed by Devi Sri Prasad garu - 2015 #Srimanthudu


ఓ నిండు భూమి నిను రెండు చేతులతొ కౌగిలించమని పిలచినదా . .
పిలుపు వినరా . . మలుపు కనరా . . పరుగువై పద పదరా . .

గుండె దాటుకుని పండుగైన కల పసిడి దారులను తెరచినదా . .
రుణము తీర్చే . . తరుణమిదిరా . . కిరణమై పదపదరా . .

ఏమి వదిలి ఎటు కదులుతోందొమది మాటకైన మరి తలచినదా . . !
మనిషి తనమే . . నిజము ధనమై పరులకై పద పదరా . . 

మరలి మరల వెనుదిరగనన్న చిరునవ్వె నీకు తొలి గెలుపుకదా . . 
మనసు వెతికే మార్గమిదిరా . . మంచికై పద పదరా . .

లోకం చీకట్లు చీల్చే ధ్యేయం నీ ఇంధనం . . ప్రేమై వర్షించనీ నీ ప్రాణం . .
సాయం సమాజమే నీ ధ్యేయం నిరంతరం . . కోరే ప్రపంచ సౌఖ్యము నీకు గాక ఎవరికి సాధ్యము . .

విశ్వమంతటికి పేరు పేరునా ప్రేమ పంచగల పసితనమా . .
ఎదురు చూసే ఎదనుమీరే పవనమై పదపదరా . .
లేనిదేదొ పని లేనిదేదొ విడమరచిచూడగల ఋషిగుణమా . .
చిగురు మురిసే . . చినుకు తదిగా పయనమై పద పదరా . .

పోరా శ్రీమంతుడా . . పో పోరా శ్రీమంతుడా . . నీలో లక్ష్యానికీ జయహో . .
పోరా శ్రీమంతుడా పో పోరా శ్రీమంతుడా . . నీలో స్వప్నాలు అన్నీ సాకారమవ్వగా జయహో జయహో . . !
O nindu bhumi ninu rendu chethulatho kaugilinchamani pilichinada
Pilupu vinara malupu kanara parugu vai pada pada ra
Gunde daatukuni pandugaina kala pasidi darulanu terichinada
Runamu teerche tarunamidi ra kiranamai pada padara
Emi vadili etu kaduluthonda madi maata kaina mari talachinada
Manishi taname nijamu dhanamai parulakai pada pada ra
Marali marala venu diragananna chirunavve neeku toli gelupu kada
Manasu vethike margamidi ra manchikai pada pada ra
Lokam cheekatlu cheelche dhyeyam nee indhanam
Premai varshinchani nee pranam
Saayam samajame nee dhyeyam nirantharam
Kore prapancha saukhyam neeku gaaka evariki sadhyam
Viswamanthatiki peru peru na prema panchagala pasitanama
Eduru chuse yedanu meete pavanamai pada pada ra
Lenidedo pani lenidedo vidamarchi chudagala rushi gunama
Chiguru murise chinuku tadiga payanamai pada padara
Po ra srimanthuda..po pora srimanthuda
Neelo lakshyaniki jayaho
Po ra srimanthuda..po pora srimanthuda
Neelo swapnalu anni sakaramavaga jayaho Jayaho

Superstar Mahesh and Shruti Hassan in Srimanthudu promotional poster
Here are the Full length high quality video songs of the Superhit film Srimanthudu starring Superstar Mahesh and Shruti Hassan in lead roles. The film was directed by Koratala Shiva and Devi Sri Prasad composed music. Checkout all the video songs in High quality here :
All these video songs can be downloaded using "Youtube Offline" feature, launched by Youtube India officially this year :) Can be downloaded using Mobile App or even in the web mode.
All these video songs are officially uploaded by Mahesh Babu Youtube channel and embedded here. 
To know how to download these videos, Click here

This page is completely for Superstar Mahesh Babu's Srimanthudu wallpapers & posters! From the first look posters to movie release, Every poster with high quality - no watermark will be updated here.
      Srimanthudu is currently in post-production stage. Recently, the film completed its shooting and the Audio release is going to be held at Shilpa Kala Vedia in a grand manner on July 18th, 2015. Music composed by Devi Sri Prasad, Film directed by Mirchi fame Koratala Shiva.

On the sets of Brahmotsavam, Today they're surprised with the sudden entrance of the Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan into Brahmotsavam sets! 
     Currently, Superstar Mahesh's Brahmotsavam is being shot at Ramoji Film City and at the same time, Shah Rukh Khan's Dilwale is also happening at RFC. So, Shah Rukh Khan comes to know about Mahesh's Brahmotsavam and met him on the sets. The entire team of Brahmotsavam were surprised and felt happy :)

This page will be updated with all High quality video songs of SS Rajamouli's magnum opus - "Baahubali" - The Beginning. Today, The team released "Paccha Bottesina" song starring Prabhas and Tamannah. All other songs will be out later and updated here. Let's watchout the available video songs of Baahubali!
To listen Baahubali audio songs:

Sivuni Aana:

Nippule Swasaga Full Length HD Video Song: 




Baahubali's Art Work, The soul of the film. Each and Every frame is designed with 100% care, That everyone can understand in-theaters! From the beginning to the release, They spent every second of time with great effort! Here are some pics which are designed by "Devian Art". The following pictures includes also the upcoming "The Conclusion" part of Baahubali.
All the pictures here are taken from official sources!

Baahubali Pattabhishekam , Maahishmati!

At the end of Part-1, Sivagami declares the king of Maahishmati as "Amarendra Baahubali". So, The second part starts with this ! Have a look and start dreaming :)

Railways are the most comfortable, efficient and budget-friendly ways to travel. Do you know, Inside the countries, Some heavy materials can be transferred only through Railways? Yes. For multiple purposes, The Respective governments built the Railway tracks in these dangerous locations. Here are the top 10 most dangerous and beautiful railway routes around the world!

1. Kuranda Scenic Railway (Australia):

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